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 Contract Template

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PostSubject: Contract Template   Thu Apr 23, 2009 6:55 am

Your Wrestler's name

Your Wrestlers nickname (if any)

Your Wrestler's Picbase

[size=18]Wrestling/Entrance Attire[/size]
Describe what your Wrestler wears in their matches/entrance

[size=18]Backstage Attire
[/size]Describe what your Wrestler wears backstage

[/size]Your Wrestler height in feet and inchs

[/size]Your Wrestler's weight in lbs

Your Wrestler's hometown

Your Wrestler's in ring strategy.

Face, Heel or Tweener

Your wrestlers name for the move and the actual name for the move (3 max)

[size=18]Signature Move(s)[/size]
Up to 3

[size=18]Basic Moveset[/size]
Max of 15, no finishers

[size=18]Entrance Music[/size]
Title of song and artist

Describe your Wrestler's entrance.

Your Wrestler's history[/center]
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Contract Template
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